BioEarth Contract Manufacturing

From Research and Development...

Dr. Hennie du Plessis heads the research and development of all new products at BioEarth Manufacturing. This gives all our clients the option of corporate branding. All our development is done in our laboratory while manufacturing and packaging takes place in our adjacent fatory which is an ISO 22716 accredited facility.

To Manufacturing...

Manufacturing is tailored according to our clients needs and although BioEarth strives in assisting smaller businesses to get their product in the market, it has the capacity to also supply in big volumes to retail customers like Clicks, Dischem, etc.

BioEarth Manufacturing facilities
Factory personnel packing goods

To Packaging.

BioEarth is a one-stop-shop in regards that it offers all clients the opportunity to have the complete product developed, manufactured and packed at the same facility. Our staff is dedicated in also assisting with packaging development and detail tailoring of the final look of each product.