After Sun Gel

Aromatherapy Gels

BioEarth Gels are easily applied, non sticky, non flaky, dry quickly, and do not leave residue on the skin.

Our products do not contain alcohol, artificial colourants, or animal by-products nor are they tested on animals.


Essential Oils

For centuries essential oils have been known for their healing and cosmetic properties.

BioEarth has now developed a unique series of high quality essential oils and herbs with cosmetic and healing properties that are suspended into a silky smooth, water soluble carrier gel.


Natural Balance Range

Approximately 40% of the world’s population lives in constant pain. It is estimated that in the USA alone, 108 million people suffer from pain, in one form or another.

Apart from pharmaceutical pain medication in tablet form, and some arnica type muscle rubs, there are very few products available for the effective and collective management of pain.

‍It is this reason that BioEarth has developed a set of Natural Balance Pain Management Hydrogels.


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