Conductive Gels

Electrode & Ultrasound Gel

Conductive Gels are manufactured by BioEarth since 1991 and formed part of government tenders for many years. The gels are of the highest quality and recommended by suppliers of ultrasound and electrode equipment.

Technical Characteristics

*   Active ingredients are completely soluble in water

*   Drying rate is adequately humectant so that half the      moisture is not lost in less than 90 minutes at body      temperature with the product exposed.

*   Non Corrosive, Non Sticky, Odorless, Non Staining

*   Establishes optimum contact between probe and skin,      resulting in excellent conductive properties.

*   Ultrasound available in 250ml, 500ml and 5L - colour blue or clear
*   Electrode available in 250ml and 5L


Electrode & Ultrasound Gel