BioEarth Distribution

BioEarth Distribution is a proprietary limited company that has been formed as a result of the catalysis of vision presented by the functions of manufacturing and marketing. The resultant element is a vehicle with the capability to provide local and international markets and consumers with ready access to products and compounds of unique and extraordinary efficacy that are in pace with affordability without any compromise on quality. 

It just so happens that this company represents the unification of the efforts of two South African families. Dr. Hennie du Plessis, his wife Christa and son Gerhard have done all the hard work by creating, manufacturing and packaging their specialized product range under the BioEarth banner. Jonathan Nelson and his father Michael with their expertise in marketing together with the du Plessis family formed BioEarth Distribution to be the marketing and sales force for BioEarth branded products. 

BioEarth Distribution has a strong value system in that we always go the extra mile for our clients. So many companies state that customer service is their number one priority; While this is extremely important to us, we place the establishment and growth of relationships at the top of our value system. We stand by the products we manufacture and distribute and are extremely proud of every facet of our business.


The mission of BioEarth Distribution is simple: We want to balance quality with affordability. So many times when clients have approached us in a contract manufacturing perspective, we have realised that high price does not equal high quality; There are many products in the market which are priced in accordance with what the market allows. While this leads to short term profit, it does not always lead to long term prosperity. 

The Slogan of BioEarth Distribution is: "There is always room for quality": While to some this slogan may seem a tad strange, its origin is at the heart and soul of every employee of BioEarth Distribution. Everyone can acknowledge on some level that as time goes by, quality starts to slip in the aim of profitability. Sweet manufacturers adding less flavoring, butchers slowly adding more and more fat to their sausage, delis adding less meat to sandwiches. While we understand that the aim of this is to try keep pricing static, they forget that the very reason that a customer returned for their product is owing to what is was! Our slogan is a statement that we will never decrease in quality and that your satisfaction will be consistent. 

It is our promise as both individuals of the company and as the company itself to always act with honesty, integrity and with the well being of our clients at heart. Our clients can rest assured that we will always push ourselves to improve, innovate and grow organically and we challenge our competitors to do the same.