Contract Development & Manufacture


One of the services offered by BioEarth Laboratories is the ability to manufacture for its clients allowing them to launch a range of their own products into markets. Some of our lines are exported to neighboring countries. All development are done in Somerset West, at our laboratory, while manufacturing and packaging takes place in our adjacent factory which is an ISO 22716 accredited facility.

BioEarth Labs having been established in 1991 has for over the last 20 years manufactured products on a contractual basis for their clients. We have a range of products that we can manufacture immediately, however we also create products around a clients needs. With our ISO accredited facilities, we ensure that our products are strictly manufactured and we help our clients with our knowledge and ability to not only create their desired products, but also how to market, distribute and sell their creations. 

If you are interested in creating your very own product please fill in the information form in the required category and we will contact you to arrange a meeting to start your product creation journey.


Examples of Products we Manufacture under Contract:

  1. Gel Based topical & pharmaceuticals
  2. Liquid Based pharmaceuticals
  3. Cream Based pharmaceuticals
  4. Oil Based pharmaceuticals
  5. Easysnap™ Packaging of your products